What is Your ‘SheFluence Factor’?

Tap into, Own and Wildly Expand Your Influence to Create a More Positive Impact in Your Life, Business, Community & the World!

Extraordinary Explorations of Mindful Mindsets Call 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month

Breaking it Down to Break Through Activate Your Core Value, Reveal Your Ultimate Purpose & Create Your Unique Influence

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Tap into the Worlds Powerful Social She-Conomy, Reach out with Effective Brand Presence That Fully Engages Meaningful Connections & Powers Lasting Results!

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Deidre Trudeau
Deidre Trudeau
Start the Conversation, this is an excerpt out of the published book ‘10 Powerful Women’ 10 Strategic Insights into Successful Business. A business owner’s Bible to understanding and marketing to the rapidly growing female-driven business and marketplace.

Check itGet Organized! With 7 Critical Steps

Rosie Aiello
Rosie Aiello

Get Organized!
With 7 Critical Steps to Small Business Success

Use The ‘SheFluence Factor’ to Unlock your Greatest Internal & External Influence;

  • Gain Clarity & a Clear Overall Vision
  • Intense Visual Aesthetic Clarity
  • Expanded Powerful Beliefs
  • Building Productive Mindsets & Systems


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SheFluence -
SheFluence - SheFluence puts the She IN Influence: Explore, Tap into, Own and Wildly Expand Your Influence to create a More Positive Impact in Your Life, Community and the World!

Women represent tremendous and fascinating power; they possess the ability to dream, create, manifest and transform from their deepest place of purpose, while on the path towards celebrating their greatest ambitions.

---Join Deidre Trudeau and Rosie Aiello
In spirited presentations and panel discussions that profile content and topics from thought leaders and inspirational women from all sectors today's society. We deliver a dynamic platform of shared wisdom from empowered ‘Shefluencial’ women who are dedicated to encourage and empowerment other women to stand in their greatest place of SheFluence.

The SheFluence Factor - Helping to elevate women’s awareness of their own personal and professional influence. We are doing this one powerful thought process, perspective and wisdom at a time in order to nurture and transform careers, workplaces, homes, communities and the world. We welcome women from all walks of life to come and learn how we can help each other to fully activate, increase and express their greatest potential - The SheFluence Way